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Russian Higher Education

Finally, I present to you a brief explanation of my institute and academic culture in Russia. I am stationed  at the Volzhsky Institute of Humanities, an affiliate of Volgograd State University. I work with students and instructors of the English/Linguistics department.  Most of my students are majoring in English language instruction and translation.

The “Specialist” program lasts 5 years and is roughly equivalent to a bachelor’s and master’s degree. My institute has recently added a four year degree program but it’s not as popular since job options for this degree seem to be limited. In general, Russian students study with the same groups of students for all 4-5 years of their university education.  For the most part they do not choose their own classes as their program requirements are determined by their major. Imagine studying with the same group of 7-15 students all four years of your education.


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