Я как ёжик в тумане

Over a month later and I still don’t know:

a) where I will live for the next 9 months

b) how I will continue studying Russian (classes vs. tutor)

c) the exact nature of my role in classes

I have been feeling like the porcupine in the fog. How I miss the predictability of life at Lewis & Clark College! Watching and sketching Russian cartoons has been my escape.

Please enjoy this classic short animated Russian film at this link:

  1. #1 by Marie on October 6, 2010 - 7:07 pm

    Being a foreigner is sooooo difficult even when you are surrounded by supportive and kind people. The language barrier and cultural differences are inevitable. Hang in there and know it will get easier =) You are in our prayers lovely. Have you enjoyed any Bible studies or worship groups? Have you entered a Russian Orthodox Church yet?

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